Lotus Diffuser & candle

Lotus Diffuser & candle

Lotus Diffusser

Create a relaxing space in your home with this floral diffuser. Jade du Tibet is a capillary diffuser. Entirely hand made, it is a unique piece on which you add a few drops of perfume or essential oil. As a flower draws water through its stem, this perfume diffuser is impregnated with the scent poured on its petals, then the perfume escapes gently and flies into the air of the room. Ecological and beautiful, this product perfume your space in a natural and non-toxic way 

*Perfume sold separately on site*

size: diameter: 10 cm , height: 7 cm

Pamplemousse Candle 

What I love about this candle is the jar , the top part fits perfectly over your lotus diffuser and I totally love the look .I love when you can repurpose things snd when this candle is finished you can use jar for  tealights  
Size: H:14 D:11 cm