Mookie & Boo Ritual Box - Ritual of Self Care

Mookie & Boo Ritual Box - Ritual of Self Care



At Mookie & Boo Self Care is at the heart of every thing we create .. our core value is for you to take time for your self .. self care is necessary to allow your mind & body to switch off from our ever increasing busy world. Based on ancient Ayurvedic Rituals , begin your self care ritual by preparing your skin with your body brush. Dry brushing your body starts to stimulate your lymphatic system and invigorate your skin , start at your feet and brush upward towards the heart , work your way up your body using firm circular motions. Dedicate 3/5 minerals to brushing. Run a warm bath and add a handful of mineral rich dead sea salts specifically blended with a potent mix of aromatherapy designed to lull you into a deep state of relaxion. Apply your Sleep & Relax onto damp skin when you come out of the bath and masage into the skin. Drift off and enjoy your sleep and wake up feeling fresh and revitalized.


Each Ritual Box contains -

100ml Sleep & Relax Bath & Body Oil - Body Brush - Sleep & Relax Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak

All wrapped in luxury giftbox with directions on your ritual practice included