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Mookie & Boo Ritual Box - Ritual of Sleep

Mookie & Boo Ritual Box - Ritual of Sleep




Create a serene mood in your bedroom by lighting your lavender & camomile candle for approx an hour before you go to sleep.. fill a warm bath and place 2/3 pumps of your sleep & relax oil onto still water and immerse your body into the water…the heady blend of aromatherapy is designed to have a deeply calming effect on the mind & body. Use breathing techniques breath slowly and mindfuly through your nose for 4 seconds and exhale slowly for 6 seconds…use the power of your breath to relax and revitalize. Massage your oil onto damp skin when you come out of the bath to maxamise the benefits of the aromatherapy and leave your skin silky smooth. Spritz your pillow with your mist , close your eyes and use the same breathing techniques as above. Drift off and enjoy your sleep and wake up feeling fresh restored and relaxed.


Each Ritual Box contains -

100ml Sleep & Relax Bath & Body Oil - 100ml Sleep & Relax Pillow Mist - Lavender & Chamomile Handpoured Candle


All wrapped in luxury giftbox with directions on your ritual practice included Ritual Box

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