Mookie & Boo Ritual Box - The Ritual of Skincare

Mookie & Boo Ritual Box - The Ritual of Skincare


We are thrilled to br stocking these beautiful Ritual Boxes by Mookie & Boo - a lifestyle brand with all products designed and handcrafted in Co Wicklow. A gorgeous gift or why not treat yourself! 


A Ritual of Skincare


Our Apothecary is created using organic and ethically sourced plant oils - botanical ingredients and aromatherapy. All our skincare is bio compatible with your skin and delivers exceptional results. Begin your ritual with your cleansing oil , place 4/5 pumps into the palm of your hand rub your hands together and cup over your face. Take 5 deep breaths inhaling the calming effects of the aromatherapy then massage the oil into your skin and remove with a warm face towel. Mix 1 spoon of your enzymatic exfoliating face masque with a little tepid water until a smooth paste forms - you could add 2-4 drops of your favourite essential oils ( I love frankincence and rose ). Apply to the skin for 5/10 mins , lie and relax practice your conscious breathing and remove with a warm face towel. NEVER leave longer than 10 mins as the skin may become sensitized. Place 4/5 drops of your Renew face oil into your hands and cup over your face breathing in the benefits of the aromatherapy …massage the oil into your skin in upwards motions. Use your Jade Roller to stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation , rolling from te centre of the face outwards towards the hairline. Your skin will be soft glowing and revitalized.


Each Ritual Box contains -

100ml Renew Cleansing Oil -30ml Renew Facial Oil - Enzymatic Face Masque - Luxury Handpainted Masque Bowl Dipped With 24c Gold - Jade Roller

All wrapped in luxury giftbox with directions on your ritual practice included Ritual Box