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Lifetime candle 10 x 15 cm

Lifetime candle 10 x 15 cm

A quality product made in Germany every Tealight holder was manufactured by hand and equipped with high-quality tea lights their products are comprehensively quality controlled and designed for life. The temperature of the candle flame can be up to 1.400°C at any use of tea lights please secure that the witch is in the middle and can never get in contact with the other cover to support an optimal burn time please set the wick up right before lighting.
Care instructions Third like soot Can we removed with a soft cloth warm water and detergent. Wax can be removed by soft cloth.
No shape distortion due to strong sunlight temperature of a system from -50°C to +80°C,
UV resistant suitable for outdoor use
The plastic is FD a certified contact with food is harmless
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